• Outcall Dubai Escorts make your Dubai trip even more special

    Are you looking for a special benefit for your Dubai trip? How about a brave date that will leave you forgetting all your worries and spice up your life? Sounds good. You have to ask yourself how did you get on such a great date. Don't worry, Outcall Dubai Escort is here to make things more exciting for you. These hot babes are sexy for the T. They are extremely beautiful, but these beautiful women are more than your typical stupid bombshells. They are educated, well educated and very demanding. In fact, they're the perfect arm candy for any formal or high profile gathering.

    Then the Dubai Outcall Escorts always try to please their customers. If this is your first time with the company, don't worry. Just be gentle and polite. These girls are very friendly and will do their best to make you feel comfortable. When they have agreed on your specified services, they will keep their word. Like real professionals, Dubai escorts don't break their promises.

    One of the main reasons Dubai escorts are so popular is that they are great companions. Whether you want someone to chat with you in your lonely time, or are looking for some fast-paced action between the sheets, or planning exotic BDSM, these sexy ladies are a charm in every way. They will love you just as much as your girlfriend, so that you will feel the same warmth and passion.


    Every day, when we flip through Instagram, we see beautiful and popular girls posing thoughtfully against the backdrop of European landmarks or Dubai beaches. We like and envy her beautiful, carefree life in the shower. Yachts, private jets, expensive champagne and mini bikinis have become the constant success factors on the Internet. But 90% of the time, behind all this luxury, it is men who pay for sex.

    Girls from poor families today no longer dream of a successful career or interesting work, but of fame and easy money. The easiest way is to get what you want by spreading your legs. However, since they are ashamed of being a prostitute, they came up with a new term - escort girls.

    The extent of this debauchery has reached such a level that it is common to refer to it as business. A number of structures are integrated into the “merchants” chain to keep customer money warm. There are decent modeling agencies, pimps, PR managers, personal agents, managers of expensive hotels, and even successful friends. But do not rush to annoy or pity the poor girls. Most likely, you don't make as much as you do in one month of the year.

    A well-groomed girl with not even the most famous forms at the beginning can receive about 10-15 thousand rubles a day. These are the lowest prices on the market. "Escort Selpo" for stupid beginners. Millions come with experience.

    Closed chats in instant messengers are the entry-level class in the escort business. In them, managers place ads for the selection of girls and recruit a team on the go. Usually they search several at the same time and indicate the order parameters: height, weight, type of appearance, hair color, number of working days and cost. There, escort girls can publish their own profile and write preferences: country, amount, additional services.

    In the same chats, managers look for outlets for specific girls when an order is placed. However, it is not possible to contact them through personal messages on Instagram. Automatic bots are a new feature. By choosing the parameters and pressing the buttons, you can choose a specific girl from those loaded in the system. Practically. Like in an online shop.

    The costs are different. Starting from 10 thousand rubles and ending with 2-2.5 thousand dollars a day.

    “They are essentially prostitutes. When we get to the initial level there are generally few differences. Especially if they are writing in an open chat. Offer your services. It's about the same standard of living, ”comments the founder of the Skins Market channel, a telegram channel. For example, we will call him Master to keep anonymity.

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